100% recyclable
30 years
Made in UK
USP mobile
Unique and versatile wrapping and bundling system

Lightweight, compact and strong, it is ideal for a vast range of commercial wrapping tasks.

Can be used to wrap rolls of carpets and flooring, electrical accessories, wood, metal and plastic profiles, windows and blinds, picture frames, ceramic tiles, temporary securing of pallets.

Easy-to-use system

All the advantages of adhesive tape, string and elastic strapping in one

  • Easy to apply with one hand, using the exclusive Packexe dispenser
  • Stretches to 3 times its original length for excellent economy
  • Leaves no marks or sticky residue
  • Made of fully recyclable polyethylene
  • Superbly strong, especially when stretched
  • Features built-in “spring-back” to hold bundled items securely

HandyWrap in use

All in one dispensing handle

Used worldwide

Our extendable handle offers a lightweight, all-in-one solution for dispensing Handy Wrap. It’s universal and can fit film from 100mm to 250mm wide. 

Raise your brand profile

With your own brand Handy Wrap

Handy Wrap cores offer the ideal opportunity to display your brand logo and contact details, increasing awareness and presence within your industry. Every box of Handy Wrap you deliver can carry your own logo, product information and contact details.

HandyWrap in use 2