100% recyclable
30 years
Made in UK
USP mobile
Are your PDQ machines breaking?

Protect them with our Infection Control System

Designed to simply lay over the screen and keypad, it protects the user from contamination and the machine from the harshness of constant cleaning.

Simply replace the sheet between each use or wipe it clean.

Dispensing system

Available with a dispensing system for easy application

The handy dispensing system can be left on a workspace or fitted to the wall for easy application.

Where else can it be used?

Our Infection Control System has many uses

The recyclable sheets can be used on PDQ machines along with all types of handles, buttons and devices.

The Packexe Infection Control System has been proven to reduce contamination by up to 100%.

As used by Healthcare professionals worldwide

How to

Apply Packexe® Infection Control System

Watch our instructional video showing how to apply Packexe® Infection Control with and without the dispenser.

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