100% recyclable
30 years
Made in UK
USP mobile
Makes vehicle transit safer

Apply Packexe SMASH to vehicles following a breakdown or accident

The strong adhesive keeps all panels and glass intact whilst towing or in transit. It strengthens the glass by up to 42%

Quick & easy one person application

Built-in dispensing system with easy grip handles

Allows fast and efficient use by one person. Comes with a FREE Packexe safety cutter with every purchase.

FASTER, SAFER, EASIER – The vehicle protection solution for breakdown and recovery. Apply Packexe SMASH glass safety film to vehicles following breakdown or accidents and prior to recovery to make vehicle transit safer.

Trusted by Emergency and Rescue teams worldwide.

How to

Apply Packexe® SMASH

Watch our instructional video showing how to apply Packexe SMASH safely and remove a windscreen safely.

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