SMASH The Edge

Used by Fire Services across the UK and distributed in over 45 countries around the world, Packexe® SMASH is regarded by all who use it as an essential part of extrication kit.

The time critical glass management product ensures that vehicle glass is managed while extrication is taking place. With the application of Packexe® SMASH, the glass is securely held, allowing emergency personnel to cut through vehicles without risk of injury from flying glass, dust and offers protection for any trapped patients inside the vehicle.

Packexe’s® latest rescue innovation is SMASH The Edge: a hand-held version of the SMASH roll and dispenser with all the existing benefits of SMASH, in a compact size. Perfect for rescuing in tight spaces, small storage spaces, working on small vehicles, or for those who need extra portability from their products. With a low initial cost and low-cost refill rolls, it is also ideal for teams on tighter budgets. Each roll is 50m long and will cover around 7 car windows. Rolls are quick and easy to replace, meaning that no time is lost even if the roll runs out. Small, adaptable, single handed use: SMASH The Edge can be used at any height, in any place.

SMASH The Edge is an indispensable product for any first responder. For the Police Service it is a simple addition to vehicle kit, ensuring that rapid window entry can be achieved safely and efficiently. In the UK, over the summer, there has been a high rate of dogs trapped in hot cars, and using SMASH The Edge would allow rapid entry without broken glass endangering the animal.

For Ambulance teams, SMASH The Edge is used to make an area safer faster when attending a medical emergency. If patients are trapped near building glass or in vehicles, The Edge can provide extra glass security while the team is in attendance.

For Fire and Rescue Services, SMASH The Edge can provide fast and safe protection when attending extrication situations. It can be used on full-size windows or on smaller vehicles, or awkwardly shaped windows, when attending to patients trapped in vehicles.

Packexe® is also seeing continuing popularity with Sharpswrap, for rapid sharps protection. This simple, portable and easy to apply product can be applied to any sharps in any emergency situations to make them safer for both staff and patients.