100% recyclable
30 years
Made in UK
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Packexe® Fleece

Reusable and unique heavy duty floor protection with a padded layer, protecting surfaces from impact damage.

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“Absolutely love the Packexe Fleece protector peace of mind protection for fragile surfaces and its reusable time and time again.”

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Packexe Fleece impact protection group with all rolls and dispensers

Select WHITE for Fleece heavy duty protection.


Packexe® Fleece is a heavy duty floor product that protects against dirt, debris and heavy foot traffic and has a certified low slip surface.

Designed with a low tack adhesive, Fleece can be moved and repositioned throughout a project. This unique film is also reusable up to ten times under normal circumstances.

Disclaimer: While the film can reduce impact damage from falling objects, it cannot protect from damage in all circumstances. Additional surface protection is advised for very valuable or fragile surfaces.



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