100% recyclable
30 years
Made in UK
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Simply select the type of surface or protection

Packexe protection products feature uniquely formulated adhesives designed to work perfectly with your surface.

Self-adhesive protection products

Floor and surface protection products designed for the trades.

Each product has a uniquely formulated adhesive to work perfectly with the matching surface for the duration of the project and can be removed without leaving any residue, meaning you can use our products with confidence.

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Our products offer you peace of mind as they are all certified low-slip, offer secure cover for up to 6 weeks, are waterproof and reduce clean up time once a job is complete.

What makes Packexe® protection products so special?

Saves time and money

Protect what matters

Award-winning products to protect any surface whilst building, painting, decorating or moving.

Interior 2
Interior 1

Leaves no nasty residue

Quality you can trust

Adhesive grips securely but is easily removed without leaving a hint of sticky residue.

Bespoke dispensers

Quick and easy application

The adjustable handles make the dispensers ergonomically suited to any user, film is applied to the surface at speed, as the tri-roller mechanism lays the film smoothly in one easy movement.

the edge
Coverage right to the edge

This slimline roll can be applied both by hand or with the single-handed dispenser.

Secure cover for up to 6 weeks

Safe and secure to leave in place for up to 6 weeks, which saves re-application time.

Protection Film 4

Certified low-slip with no rucking or snagging.

“I’ve been using Packexe Hardfloor and Carpet for years now. A real game changer for me. I can work more efficiently, safer and the flooring protection it gives is unbeatable. My customers love it. I threw away my old dust sheets! Anyone who has not already made the change to Packexe take my advice and go for it!”

Nick Jones Painting and Decorating