Celebrating 10 years of Packexe SMASH

Packexe SMASH showed a real advancement in extrication systems

Reflecting on a successful decade since the introduction of Packexe SMASH, the Packexe team are looking forward to Interschutz 2022. Following the disappointment of the cancelled exhibition in both 2020 and 2021, Packexe are looking forward to being back on the exhibition circuit showcasing our growing range of rescue products.

With the introduction of SMASH, Packexe showed a real advancement in extrication systems. Glass management itself was not a new idea, adhesive tapes have been used as a precautionary measure on windows in anticipation of bad weather for many years. The innovation came when Andrew thought to develop the existing systems. “The ideas in their simplest form were already out there. The challenge was taking these, thinking further afield and developing them to meet the standards of demanding real life situations”

Since then the range has only grown and products now include SMASH, SMASH Kit, SMASH The Edge, a dispenser and partnering tool Sharpswrap. Sharpswrap is a strong, florescent film that provides protection from sharp and hazardous exposed vehicle edges and is now a key piece of equipment on fire engines across the world. It’s available in 100mm x 30m and 200mm x 15m. The 100mm roll comes on a dispensing handle, is easy to tear and perfect for protection around cut pillars and hinges. The 200mm roll is perforated every 100mm and is ideal for covering access points like removed windows, cut windscreens and sharp edges.