Solar energy milestone

Solar installations at Packexe in Marsh Barton have reached a significant milestone, with their generation of more than 10,000 kilowatt hours of clean electricity in a single month.

May 2018 was a particularly sunny month in Exeter and for the very first time Packexe surpassed the 10,000 kwh energy production milestone.

Ten thousand kilowatt hours (kWh) of clean energy production would offset about 4.49 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and is enough to power a washing machine for 4,348 loads of washing.

 “This milestone speaks loudly about the energy and capability of the new green initiatives installed around Packexe,” said Andrew Orchard, the company’s CEO and founder. “The fact that we have generated more than 200 megawatt hours in just three years clearly marks the success of our Solar installation.”

Packexe’s ability to reach the 10,000 kWh milestone per month is a direct consequence of the fantastic amount of clear blue skies and sunshine we had last month and the Packexe team scaling the roof and manually scrubbing the solar panels clean to ensure they were receiving direct sunlight.  

The Exeter based company currently has about 298 photovoltaic solar panels installed on the roof.

Andrew Orchard continued “Packexe is committed to reducing the environmental impact our manufacturing processes and factory operations have. From installing LED lights and introducing a large scale cardboard recycling programme in our Exeter HQ to making our products 100% recyclable and significantly more durable than the alternatives, we are working hard to improve our green credentials wherever possible.”