For every ash cloud there is a silver lining

Packexe risked losing a large amount from the Icelandic volcano ash cloud. Absent members of staff were turning out to be the least of their worries.

Packexe SMASH® is a time critical glass management product that is used within the fire & rescue industry for extrication at road side collisions. It supports the quick and easy rescue of the passengers as the film reduces the risk of the glass breaking and allows the fire fighters to remove the glass in one piece.

It was due to be launched to the American market at the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis this week. The Packexe team, were supposed to be flying out to exhibit at the four day conference. However due to the halt on all flights there was the possibility that what should be Packexe SMASH® would actually be an 18sqm empty space at the world’s largest fire-fighter training conference and exhibition.

CEO Andrew Orchard said “We had our trusty associate Jeff Coffey in the USA. He is the team captain of the Fort Lewis extrication team that deals with the safe rescue of passengers in road side accidents. He is an ideal man to have as an ambassador for Packexe, but the logistics of setting up the stand on his own was just too much. We risked losing drastically if we were unable to attend the exhibition, not only the money invested in all of the preparations and marketing material, but in the volume of business and awareness we would miss out on by not exhibiting”.

However, all was not lost and their stranded staff member Neil Cocks, has flown in to save the day. Neil was stuck in Hawaii after what was supposed to be a two week holiday. With flights still running in the USA Packexe were able to arrange a flight from Hawaii to Indianapolis in plenty of time to prepare for the show, not only rescuing Neil from an expensive extended holiday, but allowing Packexe to continue and exhibit at what is going to be an exciting and successful exhibition.