New Chinese distributors

With China on board, Packexe now distribute in over fifty countries!

The end of 2019 saw Packexe secure China as our latest distributor. Despite the madness of 2020, securing China as a distributor was a real bonus for us.  

“This is a proud moment for Packexe!” Says CEO Andrew Orchard, “SMASH has received a great reception across the globe and celebrating a new distributor like this is a good way to look back on the last year!”

With China on board, Packexe now distribute in over fifty countries!

“We built a relationship with China over a few months.” Says Andrew. “Through attending exhibitions, providing demonstrations and delivering training to the Chinese fire services, we established a presence and saw an understanding of our product range, once this was in place, an order soon followed.”

2019 has seen Packexe travel throughout Europe, Australia and Asia. Account Handler, Laurence, visited the second ever Taiwanese Vehicle Extrication Challenge, held in PingTung. Not only there to show support, Laurence delivered valuable training and demonstrations to the Taiwanese Fire Services, presented an award on behalf of Packexe and even managed to catch up with the Packexe Japanese distributors.

We have enjoyed receiving updates from China throughout the year and the work they have been doing with SMASH and Sharpswrap. It’s exciting to see where things will go from here!

Pictured: Andrew Orchard, CEO, Packexe and Daniel Chen